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World premier of Chamber Accord brings classical music at its finest
World premier of Chamber Accord brings classical music at its finest
The celebrated pianist Gabrielius Alekna will team up with cellist Ann Alton and two others in a debut of their quartet, Chamber Accord, in a concert of piano and strings on Sunday Nov. 16 at 4 pm. Read more...
We are seeking an Interim Director of Religious Education
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota (UUCS), Florida is seeking a 3/4 time Interim Director of Religious Education (DRE) for our Religious Education program, which primarily runs from mid-August through May each year. Read all the particulars!
Board minutes available
If you ever need to refer to minutes of Board of Trustees meetings, you may find them on this website under the tab Our Church > Board Minutes.
Adult Education at UUCS
Adult Education at UUCS
Adult Programs is assembling offerings to start near January 15th, and we would like to include your offering.
UUs in the News
UUs in the News
Church member Ward Pallotta's article in ECOWATCH, Cowspiracy Exposes the Truth About Animal Agriculture, was shared 1,100 times within two days after it was posted.
Welcome to College Students
Welcome to College Students
We welcome college students to attend our Sunday Forum and Sermon services. Also, New College Unitarian Universalists holds small group meetings on Sunday nights at 9 PM.
Get-Together Dinners
You can find the rosters in the Members Corner, as they become available. Call the office if you need the password.
Have a bicycle to donate to a worthy cause?
El Parent will pick up your working bicycle and wheel it over to Turning Points to give homeless people a transportation option. Bikes needing minor repair are OK, too. Contact El at 201-6201 or
Participate in our Dialog on Religious Literacy
Advocates for Religious Literacy dialog each Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm in the West Wing. We are currently discussing the pros and cons of atheistic religion. All are welcome!
Marriage Equality Comes to Florida
Marriage Equality Comes to Florida
The UU Church of Sarasota opens its doors, arms, and hearts to gay couples seeking to marry. Numerous lawsuits are pending, so check the news often as the situation changes. We have plans in place to help people get married with very short notice.
This Sunday, November 2

This Sunday, November 2,

10:30 am:

The Founder of American Unitarianism

William Ellery Channing said, "I am a living member of the great family of all souls." Who was he? Sermon by Roger Fritts. Read more... 


Choir; Don Bryn, piano 

10:30 am Programs for Children and Youth:

 Fun, engaging and age-appropriate classes and activities.

9:30 am Forum:

Reporting the News in the 21st Century

Sam Roberts looks back at the “good old days,” compares today’s network and cable news programs, and presents questions of ethics in the world of journalism.  Read more...

Social Justice Actions

Social Justice Action

The UUCS Social Justice Committee is working each week to solve issues in homelessness, hunger, needs of children and families, human rights and the health of our planet. Stop by the Social Justice Table after the Sunday service.

Reading Volunteers at Booker Elementary: You can make a difference in the life of a young reader by becoming a tutor in the PALS reading programs (K-2) at Booker. Training provided. Pick up a flyer at the Social Justice table or contact Fran Gaston at or 941- 351-9827.

Share-the-Plate with Selah Freedom which addresses sex trafficking and exploitation in southwest Florida. Your share-the-plate gift on Sunday, Oct 26th supports the organization’s safe house and rehabilitation services for young women.

Fresh Chocolate and Three New Coffee Flavors have arrived at the social justice table. Check out all of the Fair Trade items. Your food purchases support better wages and working conditions for farmers and families around the world.

What do we do with those plastic screw caps? Shriners delivers them to Ainger Middle School in East Englewood. The students sort them for a plastic recycling center, which refurbishes splintered wood benches on the school campus and around the country.

Green Sanctuary

We are a Green Sanctuary congregation, practicing reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth.