Volunteers - an important resource

Volunteers are people who have the ability to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves. Not only are they a valuable resource, they are the most important resource community organizations have!

Volunteers come from all walks of life: they may be a teenager learning to manage responsibilities, an executive sharing management skills, or a retiree enjoying a new friendship while helping on a project.

Ideally, volunteers find the donation of their time and energy a meaningful experience for themselves as well as for their community. This is a true win/win situation.

Benefits volunteers bring to the organization:

  • refreshed energy
  • specialized skills and knowledge
  • public opinion on important issues
  • flexibility to focus intently on a particular task or issue
  • constructive criticism and feedback
  • fresh perspectives – "new blood" can keep an organization alive
  • ability to lessen the overall workload
  • capacity to expand services

Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Coordinator:

Mira Frederick phone: 941-921-6594 
Focuses on placing new and current members on committees.


Chairs: DeeAnna Dowdle and Nancy Saum                    Email: adultprogams@uusarasota.org

The mission of the Adult Programs Committee is to develop a program that promotes the intellectual, spiritual and fellowship needs of our community, and draws people into that community. We are always looking for motivated people to join our team!

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Chair:  Janet Watson        Phone: 941-371-4974, Ext 6       Email: CongregationalCare@uusarasota.org

Provides home/hospital/rehab visits, cards, meals, transportation to church, referrals to area agencies and other short-term needs as required. Arranges visitations for those who cannot leave their homes. Works with minister to ensure involvement of community in caring for one another. If you want to help, please contact any member of the committee directly or leave either a message at 941-371-4974, x-6 or email at CongregationalCare@uusarasota.org 

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Chair: Ava Whaley           Phone: 941-922-7565
Second Sunday of each month, after the Service - Church library           Everyone Welcome

Create awareness that drives visitors to the church by promoting church activities and events to the public. Create and maintain the website, write and disseminate press releases, post to media bulletin boards and generate email recipients of Contact for Visitors.

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Facilitator: Diane Happy           Phone: 941-316-6499 Tuesdays           9:00 a.m.           Courtyard

This group cares for the many gardens on our lovely property. Come plant, weed, mulch and prune with us! Some tools provided, but feel free to bring your favorites! Our grounds have been recognized as a Florida Friendly Landscape by the Sarasota County Extension Service for following environmentally friendly gardening and landscaping practices. Thank you to our volunteer gardening crew for your hard work!

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Team Captain: Klaus Obermeit           Phone: 941-780-7763           Email: KlausObe@gmail.com
Every Sunday, before the service - Sanctuary           Sign up in advance./p>

Our job is to set up and operate the multi-media equipment for Sunday morning services, memorial services and other church functions as needed. Members of the Multi-media team are involved in every service -- many volunteers are needed for rotation.

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Administrator: Roberta Druif           Phone: 941-371-4974           Email: administrator@uusarasota.org
Every Friday at 11:00 a.m. - Lexow Wing

Perform many behind-the-scenes office tasks under the direction of the Administrator. The Office Volunteers answer the phone during busy times, help prepare mailings, fold and assemble the Orders of Service.

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Co-Chairs: Tom and Kathy Cook           Phone: 941-923-1909
Second Sunday of each month after the service - Kitchen Please sign up in advance.

For the potluck itself, the congregation is encouraged to bring food for eight. We need some additional help with set up and clean up.
Here's what is needed:

Set Up:

  • Leave the service 15 minutes early.
  • Set out the food. People have left their food in the kitchen-- check the oven, refrigerator & counters.
  • Put all food on the long tables in the foyer with like items together on each table, ex: main dishes, salads, breads etc.
  • Desserts should be put on a table.
  • Make sure serving spoons/forks are in all items.

Clean Up:

  • Remove any remaining empty dishes from food tables (most people should have already done this themselves).
  • Clean any items used from our kitchen, ex: serving dishes & spoons.
  • Wipe down the countertops.

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Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. - Lexow Wing           Everyone Welcome

The Social Justice Committee offers many ways for you to put UU principles into action.  

Stop by the Social Justice table after Sunday service or check us out on the homepage under Social Justice.

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Chair: June Brasgalla           Phone: 941-379-6071
Every Sunday, before the service - Kitchen

Provides drinks and snacks for the congregation after the service.

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Chair: Bill Geller            Phone: 941-346-0810            
Every Sunday, before the service - Sanctuary

Each Sunday two greeters and two ushers welcome church attendees. We distribute the Order of Service, collect the offering and track attendance.

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