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A Board of Trustees governs our Unitarian Universalist Association. We call the chairperson of the Board the "Moderator." In 2013 Jim Key, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort, South Carolina, was elected the moderator for a six-year term. On May 10, doctors diagnosed Jim with a cancer treatable by radiation and chemotherapy.  Jim resigned as Moderator so he can focus on his health.
Vice Moderator Denise Rimes, a member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Virginia, will serve as Moderator, until a new election in June 2018. Denise was raised in the Jewish tradition but she was drawn to the teachings and principles of Unitarian Universalism after the 9/11 tragedy.
This comes shortly after the resignations of the President of our association and others on the association staff. A new President will be elected in June. Because of congregational polity, (every local UU congregation is independent), in the short run these changes in our national leadership will have little impact on our church in Sarasota. Still, Jim Key and Denise Rimes do important work that in the long run does influence our congregation. I send them my thanks and appreciation.


* 10:30 a.m. Religious Education Sunday, sermon by Roger Fritts

This service will be a celebration of our Religious Education program for children and youth and the work the children have accomplished over the program year.  We will also be recognizing and thanking the teachers, child care helpers and volunteers who make our Religious Education program special.

* Music:  Latin Rendezvous; Don Bryn, piano

Latin Rendezvous (Elise Amaral, David Munoz) performs their brand of Flamenco-World music, including originals, and traditional/contemporary music from The Americas and Europe using a host of exotic instruments from around the world.

* 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. Forum, Jefferson Room: "Heart Intelligence"

Researchers at the HeartMath Institute, in Boulder Creek, California, have found that our thoughts and feelings are likely more important for health than the food we eat. Their research on heart intelligence focuses on measurable human biological rhythms: heart rhythms, respiratory rhythms, blood pressure changes, and low frequency brain waves.  The Institute has pioneered fairly simple techniques to control these rhythms and as a consequence our emotions. These techniques are used to alleviate stress and anxiety and achieve a calm, balanced, yet alert state. Researchers at HeartMath propose that the emotional frontier is truly the next frontier for advancing human intelligence and wellness. Presenter, Maureen Magner; Moderator, DeeAnna Dowdle

* 11:45 - 12:30 p.m. TED Talk Talk, Jefferson Room:  "A Small Country with Big Ideas to Get Rid of Fossil Fuels," ​by Monica Araya

How do we build a society without fossil fuels? Using her native Costa Rica as an example of positive action on environmental protection and renewables, climate advocate Monica Araya outlines a bold vision for a world committed to clean energy in all sectors. In 2015 Monica Araya's native Costa Rica produced almost all of its electricity from renewable sources. She advocates for the next step: a fossil-fuel-free world.  Moderator, DeeAnna Dowdle & Susan Eisman


* Nursery:  Loving care for infants and toddlers is available during the 10:30 a.m. Service.
* RE Classes:  A religious education program is available for children and youth during the 10:30 a.m. Service.

* RE Sunday, May 21st - Celebrating the RE Program this Sunday in the Sanctuary.  Our children and youth will share with the congregation the work they have accomplished over the program year. The youth will also present the story "Old Turtle and the Broken Truth." This is also the time we are recognizing and thanking the teachers and volunteers who make our RE program special.  Please arrive early (10:00 am) so the children can have a quick practice before Service.  The Youth Group is meeting at 9:30 am for a final practice.

* Sunday, May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend)  - No RE Classes.  Childcare will be available for children 10 and under.


* 10:00 "How to Grow Young - Exploring the Wisdom of Ashley Montagu," sermon by Mary Lou Keller
Mary Lou Keller shares a personal reflection on the work of a friend and mentor in her presentation. Mary Lou met Dr. Ashley Montagu at a youth group weekend in Princeton 22 years ago and they became good friends. He was 90 and his last book, Growing Young, expounded a theory of continuing to grow young as we age. By retaining some of the qualities we had as children, such as curiosity, open-mindedness, and playfulness, we can expand our productive years far past what society currently dictates.
Mary Lou Casadevall Keller has been a Unitarian Universalist for 30 years, and is a former Director of Religious Education, UU fellowship President in Easton, MD, and youth adviser, now serves the UU Church of Sarasota as a member of the board, the Worship Commitee and the choir. She writes historical romance novels and markets the Pulmonica she co-invented with husband Dana. Taking Dr. Montagu’s teachings to heart, she and Dana enjoy traveling, making music, and living in paradise.

*10:00 Music:  Mindy Simmons, guitar and vocals

Directions to the River Club:   Exit East onto Rt. 70 off I-75.  Turn Right at the 4th light onto River Club Road.  Turn Right again into the River Club parking area in about 1/2 mile.  We'll meet you at the door.  Come for the service, stay for breakfast.


* "Justice for All" - a new exhibit of art work by UUCS Members and Friends is up in the Lexow Wing Gallery! Please join the Arts Council and the artists at the opening reception this Sunday at 11:30 am, immediately following the Sunday service. This is a great chance to meet the artists, visit with them, and see how their art reflects this timely theme. As always with our member exhibits, the Arts Council is proud to showcase the talent and creativity among our congregation. The exhibit will be up through June 15th.


* Don't sweat the Summer Heat.  Stay cool and enjoy friends while you are learning something new in our "Summer Session of Adult Programs."  You will be able to sign up Sunday, May 21st in the courtyard or on our web site or by contacting the facilitator of the class you are interested in.  See the listing of classes and their descriptions in the Order of Service, on the UU Bulletin Board and on the web site under Adult Programs tab. Questions:  Nancy Saum or   941-350-3571.

* The Next Tai Chi Easy series begins Saturday, June 3, 9:30-10:30 am, in the West Wing. Tai Chi Easy™ is a blend of simple medical Qigong techniques with carefully chosen Tai Chi exercises that are accessible to anyone.  As you move, you breathe deeply and naturally, focusing your attention -- just as you do in mindfulness meditation -- on breath and bodily sensations.  If you've been curious about Tai Chi, this is truly an "easy" way to start.   "This gentle form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life."  Harvard Women's Health Watch, May 2009.
7 Saturdays, 6/3 - 7/15, 9:30 - 10:30 am, $35 for the series (discounted rate for church members). Questions: call 703 297-1749 or email

* Habitual Patterns and the Nature of our Minds, Monday, May 22, 11 a.m. - 12 noon.
All of us live with stress and conflicting emotions.  However, Joan Kaplan will teach us how to reframe our thoughts and find more peace in our lives.  Join Joan for her introductory class to see how she may lead you toward tranquility and simplicity of thought.
Joan Kaplan, MA, holds a Master's degree in clinical psychology and studied Buddhist psychology under the direction of the late Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  Questions:, 400-1180

* Have you checked the bulletin board lately?  Happenings...Things to do...Movie Night...Next week's Sermon, Forum and TED Talk Talk Topics...Quarterly Calendar of Events...List and Catalog of Adult Programs...Healthy Guidance for Transitioning through Life from the Friendship Center...Thank you Letters to UU...all updated, never out-dated.  Take a look outside of the Jefferson Room, near the Sanctuary.


* What is the Congregational Care Committee?
It's a group of your fellow UUs who hope to provide assistance to members and friends in need due to illness, emergency, transportation, etc. To ask for help or to learn more, contact 941-371-4974, ext. 6 and leave a message. Let us give you the gift of caring.  

* Does the Minister have your Memorial Form on file?  Has your emergency contact information changed since you filled out the form?  Update and submit your form for a memorial service and have peace of mind knowing you've made choices easier for your loved ones.  The form can be found online at or in the church office.

* Would you like to share good news or honor a friend who passed away?  Make a Tribute donation today and send your check, with a Tribute form, to the office.  Forms are available in the office and online.  The Tribute will be acknowledged in the Contact


* Happy Birthday to the following members:  

May 19   Sandra Baker, Chet Chmielewski, Tina Lieberman
May 20   Ellen Cone, Patty Halperin, Louise Stinespring, Joan Verizzo
May 21   Natasha Grabowski, Nathan Higbie, Mae Steg, Susan Wetzel
May 23   George Evans
May 25   Marcia Ryan

If you are a member with a birthday this week that is not listed here, please inform the office.

* Your Amazon purchase can benefit the UUCS budget. Use the link on our website,, to order your Amazon products. Look for Our Own Amazon Search Box at "Quick Links" on the home page.


* The UUCS Board of Trustees will be holding its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 23, at 7:00 p.m. in the Lexow Wing. This meeting is open to our church community, and the agenda may be found on our website.

* The Interweave Sun Coast meeting has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 27 at 11:00 a.m. at the home of Wilda Meier. 

* The UU Vegetarian Lunch Group will meet at the Ginza Restaurant, 5428 Fruitville Road (East end of the Target Shopping Center) on Friday, June 2, at 1:00 pm.  Non-vegetarians are welcome; however, we ask that everyone have a "vegetarian" lunch. Reservations are necessary and must be received on or before June 1. For further information, please contact me at email: or via phone: 929-3845. 

* "Discovering UUCS" - A Newcomer Orientation
Saturday, June 10; 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
UUCS - Lexow Wing

If you are considering membership, this workshop is for you. Reverend Fritts will discuss our history and explore with you what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist and a member of this church. Some of our church leaders will join us for lunch to talk about the many activities here and to get acquainted with you. The Membership Committee provides lunch. Be sure to sign up at the Welcome Center!


* Climate Justice:  Are you interested in a community effort to ban plastic bags and help educate our membership on issues related to plastic pollution?  There is a meeting on June 7 at Fogartyville to organize around this issue.  Ask Diane Cirksena for details.  Telephone 651 253-0552.
* Call to Action: Senators Bill Nelson (813 225-7040) and Marco Rubio (813 287-5035) are not on the Senate Intelligence Committee, but let them know that you support the special prosecutor investigating Russia's influence on the 2016 election and the possible collusion with the Trump campaign.  Also, tell them that the White House must provide the Comey tapes.   

* Health Care and Criminal Justice:  Good talking points about health care and criminal justice reform are covered on the Center for American Progress ( website.  There's a list of Americans with pre-existing conditions by Congressional district and information on how Medicaid cuts would hurt children with disabilities and data on immigration and climate change. 

* Midterm elections are coming up:  November 6, 2018.  The deadline to submit qualifying papers is May 4, 2018, less than a year away.  About 5,000 signatures are needed to qualify in our districts.  Former Bernie Sanders staffers formed Brand New Congress to get a jump on recruiting for 2018 and other groups are also on the hunt.
* Looking for Social Justice information?  Stop by the Social Justice table to learn about volunteer opportunities, to sign petitions and to purchase Fair Trade items including chocolate, coffees, teas and olive oil.  For Fair Trade special orders, contact Suzie Brucklacher at, subject line Fair Trade Special Order.



* 10:30 a.m. "Why Do Religious People Live Longer?" Sermon by Roger Fritts

Weekly religious attendance will add years to your life, according to a medical study carried out in the United States. On Memorial Day Weekend we will explore why this might be so.

* 10:30 a.m. Music:  Choir; Don Bryn, piano

* 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. Forum, Jefferson Room

* 11:45 - 12:30 p.m. TED Talk Talk, Jefferson Room

Unitarian Universalists of Lakewood Ranch

This will be the last service in LWR this season

*10:00 a.m. "Buddhism," sermon by Robert Seyler